Sunday, 18 December 2016

Ayton Computers Printer Repair Stokesley Middlesbrough

Leaflet delivery for Ayton Computers Repairs.
We know one of  the best ways to advertise our computer repair business is leaflets.
So we have been out round Great Ayton and Stokesley delivering our A6 sized leaflets.
Because the leaflet is quite small it does not contain all the services that we supply to the Ayton and Stokesley area.
The leaflet shows most things offered by our computer repair home call out service.
Virus Removal
Laptop Repairs
Internet Problems
Broadband Setup
and Business Support.
We will come to you and fix your computer, Laptop, Printer or Broadband in the comfort of your home
Computer Repairs Stokesley, Great Ayton, Middlesbrough

Ayton Computers Lessons &Tuition Stokesley Middlesbrough.
Many of my customers over the years have asked if I can give  them lessons on the computer.
most people just want to learn how to do emails or surf  the Internet.
some go also want to learn how to use the Microsoft products such as Word, Excel, Power Point etc.
So over the years I have given lessons and tuition on the computer but not really advertised it as a regular service.
Now I have decided to add it to the services that we offer at Ayton computers

The Great Internet WIFI Mystery.
Today was a weird one. I was on a computer home fix call out in Stokesley.
Customer was having problems with the Wifi and need a repair.
The computer was in a room about 4mtrs from the broadband router.
The customer stated that the internet was sometimes working ok but other times not at all.
I checked all  the broadband, internet, and wifi network setting one the PC and all was ok.
I then made a speed test for the broadband and it was coming up at 0.4mbps this is  not even dial up speed.
I then connected the computer to  the router with and Ethernet Cable and re run the internet speed test, wooooooo 10mbps nothing wrong there then.
so we made a call to the broadband provider who promptly tested the phone line and the broadband signal all was ok.
hhmm MYSTERY I here you say.
well it was then that I noticed that the router was just the other side of a cupboard upon asking what was in the cupboard the customer said it was a hot  water emersion heater, basically a MASSIVE copper wifi signal stopper.
So to by pass this problem I then installed a couple of Micro home plugs attached one to  the PC and one to the router and HEY PRESTO broadband stable and fast.

The Incredible Laptop hard drive mystery Great Ayton
I had a Laptop brought to me this week from one of my customers in great Ayton that was not booting into windows.
When I tried a factory reset the laptop did not recognise the hard drive.
I took the drive out and linked it up through my gizmo to my computer, the drive was still not recognised, I then had to re initialise the disk through disc manager, create a partition and format the disc,
I then reinstalled the hard disc back into the laptop and installed windows 7 from a dvd disc.
Every thing seemed to install ok at first.
then I tried to install the drivers this is when I noticed that everything was running REALY REALY slow.
after battling on trying to install the drivers for a few hours it became apparent that the hard drive was no good, I ordered a new hard drive for the laptop installed, installed windows and all the drivers without any problems,
It just goes to show that even though the hard drive appeared to be ok you just never can tell.
If you have a laptop problem and you live in great Ayton or any when in the Middlesbrough area please give us a call. or visit our website

Great Ayton computers Middlesbrough for a reliable fast printer repair service.

All makes of printers fixed in your home,
Epson Printers Repair.
HP Printers Repair
Dell Printers Repair
Lexmark Printers Repair

With our home fix computer repair service we  also give you a friendly reliable printer repair service.
Based in Great Ayton we cover the whole of the Middlesbrough area.
Hutton Rudby

For a complete list of our computer repair service Middlesbrough visit our website.

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