Friday, 2 June 2017

Holiday cottage accommodation north york moors

The Lykewake holiday cottage north York moors is just out side of Swainby near Northallerton and Stokesley.
This renovated 18th century farmhouse has 3 bedrooms and is fully furnished.
 open all year round to rent and let.
children welcome.
This holiday cottage is ideal for those wanting to explore the North York moors and surrounding area.
Just 6 miles from Great Ayton the boyhood home of Captain James Cook.
For more details on how to book your holiday please contact Margaret
01642 701347

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Computer Repairs Marton Middlesbrough

Ayton Computers 07796 992244
Our computer repair home call out service includes the Marton in Middlesbrough area.
We will come to your home and fix your computer or Laptop.
All work carried out by Microsoft Certified Professional.
Broad band problems fixed.
Broadband set up
Router Setup and problems fixed.
All internet problems fixed.
Email problems fixed.
new laptop screen fitted.
Printer Problems fixed.

Friday, 3 February 2017

Ayton Computers Facebook Page

Ayton Computers has just created a facebook page.
We will be adding posts and items as the weeks and day go on to keep you informed of anything that we are doing.
So if you live in the great Ayton - Stokesley - Middlesbrough area and have a computer, laptop, broadband or printer problem then contact us and we can come to your home and fix it.

all details of our computer repair service for Middlesbrough - great Ayton and stokesley are on our normal website

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Ayton Computer Repairs Flyer Drop

Ayton Computers
If you live in the great Ayton or Stokesley area you will receive a leaflet this week about our computer repairs services.
The flyer is an A6 design and you will receive it through your letter box Tuesday or Thursday.
You can keep this leaflet near your pc in case you need any of our services in the future.
We offer a range of computer services including Printing and web design at cheap rates.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Computer Lessons and Tuition Middlesbrough

Ayton Computers
Computer Lessons and Tuition Middlesbrough.
Many of my customers over the years have asked if I can give  them lessons on the computer.
most people just want to learn how to do emails or surf  the Internet.
some go also want to learn how to use the Microsoft products such as Word, Excel, Power Point etc.
So over the years I have given lessons and tuition on the computer but not really advertised it as a regular service.
Now I have decided to add it to the services that we offer at Ayton computers.
So if you are a complete novice and cant even turn on the pc or laptop.
or you are more advanced and would like a little help with any thing please call us.
We can come to your home and teach you there.
Learn how to do Emails.
lessons on how to do Ebay
tuition on how to do Skype.
Learn how to get on line and surf the net.
Lessons about on line shopping.
what ever the subject we can come to you and give you computer lessons in your home.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Stokesley Computer Repairs Middlesbrough

Sunday 8.1.17\stokesley-computer-repair-middlesbrough.html
Ayton computers repairs Stokesley, working on a sunday.
At Ayton computers although we do like to have Sunday off we do appreciate sometimes this is the only time our customers also get time away from work, This is why we also work weekends.
Just today I have been over to Stokesley to repair a broadband problem for one of our customers.
We received the call requesting a home fix call out service about the customers broadband not working and of course they had urgent need of the broadband as the customer was going on holiday and needed to print out tickets.
Arriving at the home of the customer they proceeded to tell me that they had recently been having problems with the broadband so had called out another company to have it fixed, this other computer repair company arrived, spent 2 hours changing wires,  filters, and computer setting but left the home of the customer still with no broadband and a bill for £85, why the hell they paid the bill I do not  know as it should be NO FIX NO FEE,
Any way a quick look at what had been done and it soon came apparent  that the other COMPUTER ENGINEER had no idea what he was doing as the only thing wrong was the fact that he had double filtered the broadband phone line, this is a very common problem caused by people who don't know how to set up broad band and broadband routers, wiring and settings,
once I removed the double filter the Internet was back up and running and my customer could print out the holiday tickets.

Ayton computers home fix call out service Stokesley.

Based in Great Ayton Middlesbrough we offer a home fix computer repair service that also covers Stokesley.

After closing the computer shop on the high street great Ayton after nearly 10 years we are still running the business as normal but from home. thus giving us more flexibility to work round our customers timetable as we are no longer tied to the shop hours.

Ayton computers are still offering a complete computer & laptop repair service for the whole of the Middlesbrough area including Stokesley,

As a Microsoft engineer we can fix most computer and laptop problems in your home.

As we are also trained in broadband and network engineering we can also fix most problems relating to broadband, internet and emails.

So if you have any type of a computer, laptop, printer or broadband problem and  live in the Stokesley Middlesbrough area give Ayton Computers a call.
07796 992244

or visit our website for more info\stokesley-computer-repair-middlesbrough.html

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

virus removal middlesbrough

Is your computer or laptop doing strange things, is it going to webpages that you have not asked it to, is it shutting down and restarting itself for no reason, is it running VERY VERY slow,
if the answer to any of these questions is yes then you will possibly have a computer virus or malware on it.

If you have a virus don't panic just call  Ayton computers Middlesbrough.
with our home call out computer repair service we include virus removal.
We can come to your home remove the virus and have your computer or laptop back to normal.
we can recommend appropriate anti virus software for you to prevent virus infection in the future.

Based in Great Ayton we offer a home fix computer repair service for Middlesbrough area.
call us on 07796 992244
or visit our website

Monday, 2 January 2017

HomeFIx pc repair Middlesbrough

Ayton computers based in Middlesbrough have been running a home computer repair service for over 12 years now.
Established back in 2004 after Neil the owner passed all his Microsoft exams to become a computer engineer.
we understand  that its not enough just to turn up to a customers home, fix the computer, take the money and that's that. No we understand its better you get to  know your customers and the better personal service you give them then it is more likely they will become a regular loyal customer.
This is why when we turn up to your home to repair your computer or laptop or printer we will spend time explaining what we do. ( If you want us to  )

so for a reliable friendly Home fix computer repair service in the Middlesbrough area call Ayton computers. 07796 992244

or visit our website