Thursday, 12 January 2017

Computer Lessons and Tuition Middlesbrough

Ayton Computers
Computer Lessons and Tuition Middlesbrough.
Many of my customers over the years have asked if I can give  them lessons on the computer.
most people just want to learn how to do emails or surf  the Internet.
some go also want to learn how to use the Microsoft products such as Word, Excel, Power Point etc.
So over the years I have given lessons and tuition on the computer but not really advertised it as a regular service.
Now I have decided to add it to the services that we offer at Ayton computers.
So if you are a complete novice and cant even turn on the pc or laptop.
or you are more advanced and would like a little help with any thing please call us.
We can come to your home and teach you there.
Learn how to do Emails.
lessons on how to do Ebay
tuition on how to do Skype.
Learn how to get on line and surf the net.
Lessons about on line shopping.
what ever the subject we can come to you and give you computer lessons in your home.

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