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Stokesley Computer Repairs Middlesbrough

Sunday 8.1.17\stokesley-computer-repair-middlesbrough.html
Ayton computers repairs Stokesley, working on a sunday.
At Ayton computers although we do like to have Sunday off we do appreciate sometimes this is the only time our customers also get time away from work, This is why we also work weekends.
Just today I have been over to Stokesley to repair a broadband problem for one of our customers.
We received the call requesting a home fix call out service about the customers broadband not working and of course they had urgent need of the broadband as the customer was going on holiday and needed to print out tickets.
Arriving at the home of the customer they proceeded to tell me that they had recently been having problems with the broadband so had called out another company to have it fixed, this other computer repair company arrived, spent 2 hours changing wires,  filters, and computer setting but left the home of the customer still with no broadband and a bill for £85, why the hell they paid the bill I do not  know as it should be NO FIX NO FEE,
Any way a quick look at what had been done and it soon came apparent  that the other COMPUTER ENGINEER had no idea what he was doing as the only thing wrong was the fact that he had double filtered the broadband phone line, this is a very common problem caused by people who don't know how to set up broad band and broadband routers, wiring and settings,
once I removed the double filter the Internet was back up and running and my customer could print out the holiday tickets.

Ayton computers home fix call out service Stokesley.

Based in Great Ayton Middlesbrough we offer a home fix computer repair service that also covers Stokesley.

After closing the computer shop on the high street great Ayton after nearly 10 years we are still running the business as normal but from home. thus giving us more flexibility to work round our customers timetable as we are no longer tied to the shop hours.

Ayton computers are still offering a complete computer & laptop repair service for the whole of the Middlesbrough area including Stokesley,

As a Microsoft engineer we can fix most computer and laptop problems in your home.

As we are also trained in broadband and network engineering we can also fix most problems relating to broadband, internet and emails.

So if you have any type of a computer, laptop, printer or broadband problem and  live in the Stokesley Middlesbrough area give Ayton Computers a call.
07796 992244

or visit our website for more info\stokesley-computer-repair-middlesbrough.html

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