Monday, 26 December 2016

Brand new laptop problems Middlesbrough

Ayton Computers Middlesbrough Laptop Repair.
Today I was called out to fix a brand new laptop in Middlesbrough.
the problem was that the laptop was loaded with windows 10 and when the initial install was set off it sated  that updates will be automatically installed.
so the customer loaded up the windows 10 as instructed but when the updates tried it stopped the laptop working completely.
I have contacted Microsoft and investigated the internet and have found that this is quite a common problem with windows 10 laptops.
As there was no access to the laptop after the windows 10 update I was forced to reset the laptop back to factory setting,
This was not really a problem as the laptop was brand new so had no personal data to worry about.

If you have a laptop problem and live in the Middlesbrough area call Ayton computers 07796 992244.or visit our website.

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