Tuesday, 13 December 2016

computer repair middlesbrough

Ayton Computers face book page
we now have a facebook page up and running.
over time we will be adding things to it including all our services
Computer Repairs Middlesbrough.
Computer Repairs Stokesley.
Computer Repairs Great Ayton.
But in the mean time you will find all our services on our main website


Broad band problems in Stokesley Middlesbrough.
I received a call today from a customer who was having intermittent broadband problems.
the WIFI was not stable every now and then it would drop off so they had no service.
I checked all the setting and all the cables everything was ok.
I checked all the filters and still everything was ok.
we made a call to the internet service provider they checked all the lines and all was ok.
in the end we decided to use a set of home plugs, these things use your electric wiring circuit as and Ethernet in effect making your electrical circuit a home network, every easy to install and with the added bonus that you don't need to buy a router or run Ethernet cables all over the house.
after installing the home plugs the problem was solved and my customers now have a stable  internet connection.

Ayton computers www.aytonpc.co.uk
offer a complete computer repair service for the Middlesbrough area.
Established in 2006 Ayton computers have been running a service and repair centre for all computer problems.
Ayton Computers based in great Ayton specialise in computer and laptop repair.

Ayton computers Middlesbrough call out service.
we offer a home call out service where you can have your computer repair in your home.
laptop screen repair.
broad band problems fixed
virus removal middlesbrough
 Ayton computers Middlesbrough can repair all manor of PC Problems.

All computer laptop repairs carried out by Microsoft computer Engineer.

home fix computers Middlesbrough.

as a Microsoft engineer I have been fixing computers, laptops, printers etc for over 12 years now.
I am also a qualified networking engineer and have several small business clients in the Middlesbrough area that I look after their networks,
The main call out on a network is printers, these seem to be the worst part of the computer world in my opinion.

generally once you have set up a computer  network the should be no reason to for a call out on the actual network itself. most of the cabling will last for years, all cables for a computer net work should be cat5 e or cat6.

Microsoft windows 7 and above are very easy to install networks on, they should just find all the other computers and do all the work itself.

if you need a computer network setting up in your office or home and live in the Middlesbrough area contact Ayton computers

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