Thursday, 22 December 2016

wifi Broad band problems fixed Middlesbrough

I have just come back from a home call out computer repair in Middlesbrough.
The problem was that the customers computer we connecting to the broadband router but he had no internet access.
after testing the router by connecting to it with another device I determined that the router was ok and had internet access.
I now knew the problem was with the computer and not the router.
first I looked into all the computers INTERNET, LAN and WIFI setting, all was ok.
I reset all internet browsers back to default, internet explorer, Google chrome and even fire fox ( which I think is the worst internet browser - just my opinion ) still no  internet access.
I deleted all internet cookies, temp internet files, and windows temp files still no internet access.
after looking through his programs and not seeing any ROUGH programs I noticed Norton Anti virus software. I asked if the customer has an active subscription for Norton and he answered that he has not paid for any subscriptions.
I then uninstalled the Norton anti virus restarted  the computer and hey presto internet access.

This is why I am the greatest computer repair man in the world and beyond ( depending on your views )

so if your computer needs a repair and you live in the Middlesbrough area contact Ayton Computers

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